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2015 Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition

Date:2015-3-6 11:54

1st-4th, March, 2015, the 2015 Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition was holod at the China import and export trading hall. As the first fair of 2015 in China's LED industry, it not only lead to similar exhibition, also was synchronous with the enterprise’s order, conferences and product launches. The exhibitors had nearly thousands,with total 80000 ㎡. In this exhibition our company continue to use consistent tone and the booth design style. But the launch of a series of new products are the latest in the industry. High quality, competitive price and elegant appearance booth attracted a large number of new and old customers to negotiate. Especially our new high-end smart home decorated lights and outdoor LED lighting products, had catched the eye of every customer. During the exhibition, the high-end LED light source, lamps and lanterns, lighting control device and other lighting products manufacturing, sales and the advantages of the technology research , which our company has been dedicated for long time, has been fully reflected. Most professional and old customers come to place the order and talk about the further cooperation.

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