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2015 HK Lighting Fair(Spring Edition)

Date:2015-4-15 11:53

6th-9th, April, the seventh HK international light fair, which was sponsored by HKTDC, was hold in Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre, This year, the fair features 1,250 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions, including Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia and the United Kingdom participating for the first time.

Under the new situation of gradually fierce competition in the industry,and, and the development of science and technology rapidly in a day , our company at the request of customers’ rapid change launched new products and technologies, combined technology and traditional products, launched a series of LED new products to perfectly replace traditional light source such as incandescent lamp, , and many detail &variety of LED lamps and lanterns, cater to buyer’s purchasing needs.

During the fair we came into contact with many new buyers from Australia, Europe and the Americas, and at the same time effectively promote the enterprise brand for the company.

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