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2014 HK International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition)

Date:2014-10-31 11:56

From October 27 to 30, 2014, sponsored by the HKTDC, the 16th annual Hong Kong international lighting fair was held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre. Our company has participated in the various lighting exhibition for 11 years in a row, we were invited by the organizers to participate in this fair, our booth number is 5 c - F25 F27. The booth has been keeping our characteristics, but more prominent element of innovation, more international.

This Four-day exhibition attracted from 37 countries and regions of nearly 2500 exhibitors, breaking all previous records. My company also made full preparation for the exhibition, we innovation introduced a full range of the latest products, make conventional products more cost-effective, attracted a lot of new and old customers came to negotiate. This time better than previous field is a lot of old customers confirmed the order. Participators of head and tireless work for everyone went into the booth of the guest detailed explanation, also for the company to strive for every customer, exhibited the spirit of the company, make the end of this exhibition in great!







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